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As the U.S. economy continues to rebound, the number of scholarships available to students also is increasing. Every year, more than $40 billion dollars in scholarships are given away, and experts estimate that in the year 2013, that number will climb even higher.

Contrary to popular belief, 97% of all scholarships are given away by colleges and universities themselves, and the other 3% are given away by non-profit organizations and local/federal government agencies. The amount of funding that they give away all depends on how much revenue and donations they are generating, and as the economy recovers, more money is able to be given away.

It’s estimated that a staggering $50 billion dollars in scholarship money will be given away this year.

One web site,, a free online directory of the latest scholarships and education grants, is already publishing available 2013 scholarships for students, parents and teachers. The web site literally posts a new scholarship every day, and each opportunity is real and legit – most of them being offered by recognizable corporations such as Verizon, Burger King, or Best Buy. Others are offered by reputable organizations, and government agencies managed by states, counties, cities, etc.

In addition to listing upcoming opportunities, the web site also features the top 100 tips on how to find, apply for, and successfully win a scholarship competition. Visitors can also make use of a comprehensive list of resources for their needs.

The site is 100% free to use, and does not require a membership of any kind.

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