When it comes to popular baby names and their origins, the Bible is out, and “Fifty Shades of Grey”is in — or so says the Daily Mail in a recent article about the apparent fall of Biblical names.

Only three boys’ names from the Bible made BabyCenter’s top 10 list for 2012. No girls’ names made the list.

“That’s a stark contrast from 12 years ago when Biblical names dominated the top 10 list, in 2000 it being: Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Joseph, Joshua, and Andrew. For girls in 2000 it wasHannah, Sarah and Elizabeth,” the Daily Mail writes.

The article goes on to point to the popularity of names, such as Branson from the hit television show“Downton Abbey,” and “Grey” from the “Fifty Shades”trilogy.

But whether Bible names are on the way out might all depend on how you define a trend in baby names: Is it how many Biblical names are in the top ten list? The top 100? Is it how many places those names dropped or climbed on the list? Do you count variations on names with Biblical roots?

The question of whether the Bible is waning as an influence for baby names seems to have been first raised last week by website

Editor Joe Kovacs points out that in 1960, eight out of 10 of the top boys’ names were inspired by the Bible. He goes on to note that there were 33 boys names from Scripture in 2012, compared to 36 names in 2000. Though that difference doesn’t seem to suggest a plummet, the writer explains that those Biblical names were in significantly higher positions on the list in 2000.

However, just last year, the Associated Press reported that Biblical names were still holding strong in the social security administration’s list of popular baby names, albeit from different parts of the Bible.

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