Ever since TLC’s tv smash The Sisterhood blazed onto our screens last week, it has has remained an ever-present hot topic among many!

Pastor of the Oasis Family Life Church in Atlanta, Georgia Anthony Murray and his wife Christina Murray made their small screen debut on TLC’s new reality series The Sisterhood. The new reality show shines the light on five devout and feisty Atlanta first ladies–the show drew in close to 1 million viewers upon its debut!

The Gospel Guru recently caught up with reality star, Pastor Anthony Murray who dished on season 1 of the new series, the infamous ‘banana talk’, and the backlash concerning The Sisterhood.

The Gospel Guru: Hey Pastor Murray! How are you?

Pastor Murray: I’m good…excited! How are you?

The Gospel Guru: I’m well! Congratulations on the success of  The Sisterhood thus far!

Pastor Murray: Thank you so much.

The Gospel Guru: Are you and first lady Murray enjoying the new found success?

Pastor Murray: Yea we are–we really are! I’m excited about the platform that has been given.We had a HUGE turn-out Sunday at church too as a result of it. So i’m very excited about it.

The Gospel Guru: Well, it’s no secret that The Sisterhood has a lot of people talking! How are you guys handling the controversy that’s attached to the show?

Pastor Murray: You know…it’s funny. I’ve always been a controversial Pastor, more people are just knowing about it now. In youth ministry I was controversial…doing different things trying to win young people that didn’t want to go to church or didn’t like church. Just trying to be creative. I’m excited because I feel like I’m reaching my generation, and I have the platform to reach my generation. That’s the biggest thing.

The Gospel Guru: Some have even gone as far as to start a petition to get the show canceled, what do you have to say to those people? Or what are your thoughts concerning that?

Pastor Murray: I say we should honor them because a lot of the people that’s saying that they sacrificed a lot to get us this far, and of course they’re not going to understand what I’m trying to do. I can’t speak for everybody, but I know what I’m trying to do in terms of making a positive mark on this world. So I just honor them and I understand that they don’t really understand what I’m trying to do as a Pastor and what my wife is trying to do as a first lady. So I don’t have any negative thing to say, I’m just willing to take the hits and hope one day they see the result of what I’m trying to do…what we’re trying to do.

The Gospel Guru: Ok. Well, the first season is underway. What can we expect from season 1? Will we just get more acquainted with the ladies, or will we see more of the husbands as well…what can we expect?

Pastor Murray: Yea, you’re gonna see a lot more of the husbands as well. A lot of things they cut it up and they edit so to be honest a lot of it I’ll be seeing with you guys. But with me you’ll see a lot of interaction with my wife and my girls, i think that’s the biggest thing you’re gonna see. My kids are funny, and we’re funny. We have a different way of loving on each other, teaching the girls, and spending time with each other so I think that’s gonna be very very interesting. And you know when you put a bunch of ladies together there’s gonna be a little drama and a little controversy whether you’re a first lady or not. Just ladies coming together sometimes like that sometime there will be a little tension.

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