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His name is Ivan Horton and if you saw him today without knowing his testimony, you would never believe he used to be caught up in the drug-dealing and gang-banging lifestyle. But after surviving 16 gunshots during 2 separate incidents, he gave his heart to Jesus Christ.

“I had a goal that by the time that I was 25 years old, I would acquire $360,000,” Horton told CBN’s 700 Club. He would do it by selling drugs. “It just seemed like it was taking candy from a baby. It just was easy and it was profitable.”

Although making money may have come easily, surviving the dog-eat-dog streets where turf wars and shoot-outs were normal fare, wasn’t quite so simple.

One day, while in a car, Horton and his friend were sprayed with bullets from gangsters’ machine guns. His running buddy’s body was shot 19 times, killing him. Horton was hit 7 times in the chest, back, and stomach, but survived.

Still, that close call wasn’t enough to draw him away from street life on Chicago’s West side. According to Horton, in his immature mind, he thought it was somehow honorable and noble to die for the drug life. He had an overly romanticized view of “sacrificing your life for the streets or for your neighborhood.”

But that perspective would change after he and his brother were ambushed in an alleyway by 6 gunmen. During this incident, Horton was shot 9 times—2 more times than the previous incident.

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