First Lady Michelle Obama is an educated, astute, articulate, empowered Christian woman. But today, her name continues to make its rounds online because of her…wait for it…bangs. Seriously? In my humble opinion, making much ado about nothing keeps us focused on trivialities.

As women, we can be far too image-conscious anyway, consistently trying to figure out what the “new black” is. So engrossed in non-issues are we, that the news media has been dominated for days with talk of whether or not superstarBeyoncé had, in fact, lip-synced the national anthem.

And we care again, why?

As if the far-too-many discussions about Mrs. O’s new hairdo were not ridiculous enough, it has been reported that the first lady’s bangs actually have their own Twitter page: @MichellesBangs.

This is not a hoax.

At the time of writing this article, this new Twitter handle is nearing 200 followers and sending out tweets like this one: “‘Do you believe in life after Michelle Obama’s bangs?’ – Cher”

While plenty of people, who are more concerned with substantive issues, share my annoyance, Associated Press writer Jocelyn Noveck points out the fact that when it comes to the obsessive discussion of Lady O’s locks, “The president started it.”

“It was he, after all, who called the new hairdo, unveiled just a few days before the historic occasion of his second inauguration, ‘the most significant event of this weekend,’” Noveck notes.

“And he hasn’t stopped there,” she continues. “On Tuesday night, he introduced his wife at the Staff Inaugural Ball: ‘And the First Lady of the United States, bangs and all…’”

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