Tina continues to push too hard despite Teddy’s concerns about her pregnancy, while Erica takes the first major steps to starting her solo career.

The ladies sat down and were candid about what is happening.

You just have to love how candid these girls are. Last week we saw the girls struggling with the final stages with the baby. The Essence show is just weeks away and Erica is concerned with Tina.

Mitch presented Erica with a chance to do “How Sweet The Sound”. This would be the first chance that Tina got to be solo. Good pointed out that she is still sticking with Justin. Tina was at the end of her rope. Tina lays it all on the line. Goo Goo defends her choice. Erica throws up her hands in frustration. Mitch lets Goo Goo know that she was walking a thin line.

Tonight’s lesson is that you must accept change and advice. Erica looks to a possible stretching of the wings while Tina is on maternity leave. When was the last time that you rose to a challenge? Maybe now is the time to do that.

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