“Jada: Alone and Miserable” reads the headline of an article in “In Touch” about Jada Pinkett Smith – an article that has been written off as completely false, reports Gossip Cop.

According to In Touch, Jada is “holed up” all by herself in the Calabasas, Calif. home she shares with husband Will Smith, and “regretting the night when Will walked in on her with Marc Anthony and fled.”

The same tabloid that just six weeks ago reported that Jada had moved out of the house is claiming that her Calabasas “dream home” has turned into “her personal prison,” where “Jada now sits alone, barely touching her food.”

Contrary to this In Touch report, Jada and daughter Willow this weekend joined Will and son Jaden in Philadelphia, where father and son are filming the movie, “After Earth.”

Also, on Friday, Jada and Will were caught kissing on the Jumbotron at the Philadelphia 76ers-Miami Heat game.

A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop that In Touch “couldn’t be more wrong about them. It’s just laughable.”

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