In December 2012, the internet began buzzing that Mary Mary wasbreaking up. Since then, there’s been much speculation about their future and if they would be ending a 12-year career. caught up with the ladies to find out what their plans are.

“I will say this, we are not breaking up,” said Erica Atkins-Campbell. “But we’re taking a break. I’m going to do some solo music. Tina’s going to vacation and travel the world. We’ve been joined at the hip the last 12 years and I think in order for us both to be our healthiest selves, just as women, in the group, [we will] take some time to think and re-assess. We’ve been going constantly year after year, baby after baby, tour after tour and now season after season on TV.”

They will do more than rest during their time off — the ladies say they are also planning to reconnect with God. “We’re singing about Christ, we’re singing about God. I can’t sing about God and I’m not taking the time to talk to God,” said Erica.

Tina admits when they’re together it’s a struggle to juggle all the schedules and their workload. “Just when she’s making a decision on her own, without having to consider me, it’s less time, it’s less energy, it’s less work, it’s less emails,” said Tina.

Unfortunately, because they are taking time apart so Erica can work on solo music to be released this year, there will be no new Mary Mary album. But fans can expect the duo to make various appearances throughout the year.

article courtesy of CREDIT: MICHAEL ROWE

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