Prince can rest easy. His Super Bowl performance won’t be topped this year. Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XLVII show was classic B – a run-through of some of her hits featuring her all-girl band and a backup crew of hundreds of female dancers. And as expected in the worst kept secret in Super Bowl history, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland ofDestiny’s Child joined their former partner onstage.

But despite all the hype surrounding the performance, especially after the inauguration debacle, it wasn’t anything particularly spectacular or ground-breaking. When you think of Janet Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” controversy or last year with Madonna’s “I’m going to bring anybody who says yes to me to this stage” performance, Beyoncé’s was pretty tame. It’s admittedly hard to top “Purple Rain,” but we’d have thought that Beyoncé would have pulled out more of the stops she could have.

Her entrance was simple – dressed in black leather dress and skirt, she appeared in her classic Beyoncé stance – hands on her hips with one cocked to the side. She started with a few riffs from “Love on Top.” The overhyped fan countdown went by so fast it was important only to those who recognized themselves in the rapidly changing faces.  Beyoncé’s vest and leather skirt were tossed to some very lucky audience members, but no wardrobe malfunctions tonight; she had on a leather bodysuit with lacy edges underneath.

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