Lecrae was recently interviewed by Richard Clark, Editor-In-Chief of Christ and Pop Culture, and answered three standout questions.As previously shared on, fans (or perhaps foes) seem to consistently search the Webs for info on whether the rapper drinks, cuss, smokes weed, etc.

Unfortunately, Clark didn’t ask Lecrae if he smokes weed, but he did touch on the cussing part.
Because of that Christian part of your audience, do you ever feel like there’s something you want to say, but maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to say it? Like, do you ever want to say “s___”?
[Laughs] I’m always mindful that there’s a large audience. I want to be able to get my point across. I respect people expressing their freedoms and their liberties and their rights, but at the same time I’m almost mindful that my freedoms can be other people’s downfalls. I don’t want to flash my freedoms in your face all the time, especially if they’re going to be detrimental. I can get you to understand my point without going overboard, and we’re cool.
Lecrae was also asked about getting in touch with rapper The Game about his ridiculously offensive “Jesus Piece” album / cover art, which the Atlanta rapper says didn’t even go down like that.
I saw this thing where you had texted The Game about his Jesus Piece album, how you were dissatisfied with the message behind it?
Yeah, it didn’t really go down like it was put out there. But I’m here to serve people. I’m not here to wave my finger in people’s faces and point out to them how terrible they are or what I hate about them or anything along those lines. That’s not my place. I’m in no position to condemn anybody. There’s things I don’t condone, and I talk about that, but at the same time, I would never just reach out to somebody and be like, “Yo man, I don’t appreciate that,” if I never met you. That’s not my thing.
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