Jason Crabb won a Grammy for his 2009 self-titled debut. Now he’s releasing his third album “Love Is Stronger” March 12th. He graciously sat down with BREATHEcast to chat about the recording process.

What’s new with Jason Crabb? Are you nervous, excited, anxious about “Love Is Stronger” coming out March 12?

I’m all of those things, to be honest with you. I’m a little bit nervous, anxious, and excited. This is a record I feel like I’ve thought of a little something for everybody. I wouldn’t care to give this record to my grandma and Kirk Franklin, or whoever.

he producers did a fantastic job. We had three different ones working on this record. We had Jay DeMarcus [Rascal Flatts]. He produced 6 tunes of this and just threw down. It’s probably some of the best work, I couldn’t believe he’d even do it, and then I couldn’t believe how really gifted and talented he was. Then, Ed Cash, his talent goes without saying. He’s produced everything from Chris Tomlin to Switchfoot. What a great guy, I’m telling you. And then Wayne Haun produced two tunes. He just did a couple things with Celine Dion on “Orchestration”. So man, I’m just pumped! I’m as excited as I can get. I can’t wait to start singing this stuff.

How does it differ musically, spiritually from earlier releases?

I think, as a person you’re trying to stay the same but give a new sound. It still has some of the rootsy things that we do. But also, I wanted to reach out to the kids—my kids! I have a 7 and 9 year old, and I want them to want to listen to the songs. It’s a tough task; it’ll drive an artist crazy. You don’t know what colors to use, you don’t know what paints people will be attracted to. Thank God that wasn’t on my shoulders; that was more of the producers. But they did a good job.

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