By day, Chris Broussard analyzes stats and game footage of the NBA’s top teams and athletes for ESPN. Certainly, rubbing elbows with LeBron and Kobe and flying around the country to sit courtside at basketball games makes for a great gig, but Broussard understands that there is much more to life than jump shots and field goal percentages.

In 2010, Broussard launched the K.I.N.G. Movement, “a national Christian men’s movement geared toward strengthening men in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ by providing brotherhood, encouragement, accountability, knowledge and fellowship.” Founded on the principles of Psalm 68:31, K.I.N.G (which is an acronym for Knowledge, Inspiration and Nurture Through God) has a particular interest in uplifting and supporting men of African descent.

This, from the “About Us” page on the organization’s website:

While K.I.N.G. is an organization for all men, it recognizes that one of the realities that has most grieved The Lord is the horrible racism that has existed in America and the world over the past few centuries. Among other things, this racism has sullied the reputation of Christianity (among Whites and Blacks, but particularly Black men), kept people of African descent from reaching their full God-given potential, and led many people of African descent to believe they are inferior and second-rate in the eyes of God and men.   

Thus, to help dispel those myths, lies and beliefs in the minds of Blacks and all people, K.I.N.G. has chosen to highlight Psalm 68:31 to show that God says men of African descent (“Egypt and Ethiopia”) will be royalty (“Princes”) and sincere worshippers of God.  

Reference to Psalm 68:31 is not meant to discourage or discriminate against our brothers of other races, but rather to show that K.I.N.G. will go deep beyond the surface and the superficial to end the scourge of racism and bring about true brotherhood among all men. If it seems like there is an added focus on Black men, well, that’s because there is. 

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