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Jerry Brunson was kind enough to share a few minutes with BREATHEcast to talk about Soul Tempo’s upcoming single “Almost Home” from their 2012 breakout album Trust In God.

In 2012, Soul Tempo released Trust In God. How have fans responded to the album?

Let me tell you. We were just performing in New York on Sunday and everybody was dancing. It was a great thing to see. Soul Tempo fans loveTrust In God. They got us to #24 in the national charts. We had no idea as we were writing the songs they were going to have this kind of impact on people. I think that’s an everyday thing. As we wake up we ask who will we put our trust in? That’s Trust In God.

How does it compare to previous Soul Tempo releases?

I think it’s different because we got a little deeper into our lyric writing. It really tells a great story about how when going through life you have nobody to trust except God because you can’t trust in man. I have to be honest with you, this superseded any other record we had ever done. It’s just a blessing. I think God had us anointed on this record.

How did you and the group get involved with ministry through music?

It was always in our blood because all of our family members are very religious. A few years ago God really hit all of us at the same time. It was plain and clear to us. It was like, “this is what I want you guys to do, and if you guys do this I can open a lot of doors for you.” As we were in the studio making the CD things just started to happen. Nothing is on our timing, it’s on God’s timing. It was just time for us to let Him do what He wanted us to do with our life.

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