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As a single and divorced man, it took Pastor Duke Taber eight years and more than 185 rejection letters before finding a congregation that would consider him as leader of their church. Even after three years as the lead pastor of a small church in Pine Haven, Wyo., Taber said he still gets his “feathers ruffled” when someone attaches a stigma about singles.

“Honestly, I got a little frosted at a comment made by my friends concerning their pastoral search and the fact they wouldn’t consider a single pastor,” said Taber, who writes the popular blog, “Small Town Preacher – Big Time God.”

It was during dinner with his friends who are in pastoral ministry and looking to retire when the discussion turned to their search for a replacement. “In the context of that conversation the statement was made, ‘we would not consider someone who was not married,'” he explained.

“I was not upset enough to confront them about their attitude. They are retiring and have served faithfully at their church for 19 years. I love them both, but inside it seriously hit a sore spot with me, so as I usually do, I wait a couple of days to meditate on things and then I write,” Taber said.

Whether a single person can serve as a pastor based on biblical teachings is sometimes debated.

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