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Christian music is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, not in terms of style or production, but in its popularity with a younger Christian audience. Christian music has always been perceived as a music form for an older, middle-aged crowd. That ideal has been challenged with the emergence of young stars like Colton Dixon, Jason Castro, LeCrae and the red hot Angela Miller.

What a quartet of talent and charisma. Each has their own distinct style. And each has carved out their own place in Christian and mainstream music.The success of these young stars hints at a bright future for Christian music. Their popularity and influence will draw more young people to Christian music.

For far too long we’ve watched as young mainstream pop artist received all the media attention, negatively influencing the youth in America. Now, I’m not attacking anyone-to each their own-but it’s good to see some balance. It’s good to see positive young Christian artist receiving the same amount and type of attention.

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