As Christian music continues to grow in popularity, gaining more exposure, it’s inevitable for the idea of artist collaboration to come up, but not with artist of the same genre, with more mainstream artist. I cover Christian artist full-time, so I know how many of the artist, particularly the younger artist, are gaining mainstream fans.

The problem is mainstream press has yet to really catch on to the exciting artist in Christian music. One way to remedy this lack of mainstream exposure is to partner with a mainstream artist.Collaborating with a mainstream artist has its drawbacks just look at the negative feedback Marvin Sapp is receiving.

In case you’re unaware, Sapp collaborated on a song, “Stay Prayed Up,” with mainstream artist Kandi Burruss, former lead singer for the R&B group Xscape and current cast member of the insipid reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While Sapp’s motives may have been altruistic, Burruss’ motives for collaborating with Sapp have been questioned.

She’s accused of making a money grab by partnering with the very popular, and clean, Sapp. Making matters worse is the fact that Burruss owns a company that sells sex toys.Now, this is an extreme case, but it highlights the issue Christian artist face when working with mainstream artist.

They, fairly or unfairly due to their association with mainstream artist, have their morals and even faith questioned for collaborating with mainstream artists who have exhibited less than Christ-like behavior. Working with someone doesn’t mean you condone their lifestyle, and just because someone has a questionable lifestyle it doesn’t mean they’re not Christians.

Look throughout the bible and you’ll find a rogue’s gallery of murderers and thieves who are held up as men of Christ (Moses, Paul and David to name a few). So, let’s be careful with judging and questioning people’s dedication to their faith.

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