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BREATHEcast recently sat down with gospel hip hop star B-Luv to discuss his musical influences, staying balanced and the inspiration that allows him to deliver such powerful, faith-based messages with his music.

BC: Who are some of your musical influences?

My father to this day has an extensive musical catalog. From secular music to Gospel music my dad has it all. Growing up I heard thousands of records. Which has influenced my sound today. I always have loved hip hop but as you listen to my music, I don’t create the typical sound a rapper would. I have a list of musical influences that would take up this entire interview but I want to say my dad influenced my ear and style of music. Thank you dad.

BC: How do you maintain a balance between being authentically hip-hop and keeping your ministry apparent – avoiding the “corny rapper” syndrome?

I honestly believe being true to myself and the gift God gave me has kept me from the “corny rapper syndrome” Music is an art. I’m apart of the process from the start to finish of every song I create. I’ve written songs three times over because what my audience hears and repeats is very important to me. I’m passionate about the Gospel and how it’s artistically expressed through my music.

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