Days after announcing it will suspend public tours of the White House because of the sequester, the Obama administration says it has no plans to cancel this year’s Easter Egg Roll.

The annual event on the South Lawn, scheduled for April 1 this year, is always a hot ticket. Each year, the White House holds a lottery–this year’s has already been completed–that draws thousands of requests from Americans around the country for precious few tickets.

White House spokesman Jay Carney says the Obama administration plans to continue the tradition this year, despite budget problems.

“As of now, the decision has been made that the Easter Egg Roll will go forward,” Carney said. “My understanding is that it is going forward.”

The decision to suspend White House tours has been met with derision by GOP lawmakers who have suggested it’s a stunt by the White House to gain public support as the administration and Republican lawmakers continue to battle over $85 billion in automatic cuts triggered this month. The across-the-board cuts to defense and domestic spending went into effect when the two sides were unable to come to an agreement on an alternative plan by the March 1 deadline.

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