In almost every dialogue, every interview, every conversation, people ask me what advice I can share that might benefit dream chasers. That question always takes me back… to the place I was before the platform BET’s Sunday Best provided me.

I’ve wanted this thing since I was three years old, when I first started singing. I always had such a desire to do well; I wanted it! I craved it! and was willing to rightfully do what ever it took to succeed. I remember cognitively questioning myself… What can I do to make this happen? Do I just wait around until I’m “discovered”?

As years progressed, and I came in to contact with people of all walks of life; some highly respected and up in stature, others simply wise in nature; three points of advice were always drilled in me.

# 1 -Keep God first. “Baby if you keep God first, everything else will fall into place!” I can hear them say… (smile)

# 2- Be Yourself. “What the world is looking for, what society is looking for, and even what the industry is looking for, is something different; we don’t need another duplicate Lex.” they pleaded. Lastly, Seize every opportunity presented. Then I asked “but what about when there isn’t one? or I don’t see one?” “Create one.”they said. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that one… “Seize every opportunity presented”So what did I do? I auditioned for every talent show, I beg my parents to give me a shot at a performing arts school. And when I felt there wasn’t any opportunity? I created one. I uploaded YouTube videos, I made videos on my face book page, I even sang politely outdoors.

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