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With her third album, Gold, released this past February, Britt Nicole looks to her audience for inspiration. Wanting to reach out to her devoted fans and send a message of hope, Britt took in the countless accounts of suffering and struggle written about in her fan mail, letting her desire to provide healing influence the lyrics and style of her music. The upbeat, catchy melody of the album-titled song “Gold” is now a fan favorite, sending a self-empowering message and becoming a significant step in her career, with Britt beginning to emerge as a pop phenomenon

.Britt Nicole has always relied on her personal life and struggles in her writing style, hoping her own experiences will help fans relate to the music as they see themselves through her lyrics. “All This Time”, a slow building, cascading track off of Gold, reflects on the struggle and emotions felt through her parents’ divorce, realizing that God had been by her side through all of the heartache. Inspirational lyrics and high powered beats make up the single “Stand”, a song focused on the rediscovery of personal strengths and victory.

Britt Nicole’s impressive vocal range and musical passion is notably threaded throughout the each song of the album, with Gold marking a balance between a tender vulnerability and self-assured empowerment.

Throughout her increasing success, Britt Nicole has made a point of staying connected to her fans, realizing the strong influence they play on her work and wanting to maintain a relationship with them. She hopes to keep her music genuine and real, continuing to provide a positive and empowering message for a fan base that she credits for her success.

For Britt Nicole, honesty is policy with her fans, and reading the raw, honest content of their letters to her motivates her to repay them with the same – heartfelt, genuine lyrics, her way of writing letters back to every single one of them.

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