With an new record coming out and her new reality show, The Sheards airing April 7th on BET, it’s shocking Kierra Sheard had any time to sit down and talk with us. As Sheard would say “for God is the Glory.

So tell me a little bit about your upcoming reality show,The Sheards on BET?

Yes, it’s very exciting. It’s going to be showing all of the dynamics of myself: my family, my mother, my brother. It’ll be airing right after Celebration of Gospel.

It gives us an opportunity to minister in a different way, on a bigger platform, to people and parents who may have wayward children. You’ll see me as an aspiring artist going through the things any woman goes through, when it comes to my weight, friends, dating. It’s a clean show. You’ll see my mom serving as a pastor’s wife. Her episode is actually one of my favorites. It brought tears to my eyes.

Are you a fan of some of the “not-so-clean” reality shows? KardashiansReal Houswives…etc?

I’ll be honest and say yes I have been a fan of the Kardashians. I’ve been a fan of Love & Hip-Hop, Christy was my favorite. I know a lot of people will probable judge me after reading this interview.

[On The Sheards] There will be drama, but not us fighting and disrespecting ourselves and lowering our standards. We act as adults, as human beings, not animals.

But I am always looking at the fashion of the Kardashians, I love the way they dress.

How did you started with your own reality show?

It’s crazy. It’s nothing but God. It was a connection we had in high school. He just so happened to move to LA and my brother kept in touch with him. He had the idea. My manager helped make it bigger, talking in the ears of the networks she was connected with. BET loved it. They were very supportive of the idea and my mom being from a legendary family. I’m just so honored to have this opportunity.

But to answer your question, that’s just how it works. It goes back to us back in high school to us growing up now and having friends that are connected. I will always say for God is glory

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