The Sheards’ docu-drama officially has a premiere date for its BET network premiere, which will document the struggles and faith of the gospel-singing Christian family led by a megachurch Pastor.

Bishop J. Drew Sheard, the leader of a megachurch in Detroit called Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ, will appear in the show alongside his family that includes first lady Karen Clark Sheard, recording artist Kierra Sheard, and producer J. Drew Sheard II. While the first lady is a 4-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter in the gospel community, her 24-year-old daughter and 22-year-old son are attempting to make their mark in the music world.

However, the show will follow the Sheard siblings balancing adulthood while trying to make the right choices. Although the younger Sheards are in the church community, cameras will follow them on their path where they will encounter sex, drugs and relationships, according to BET.

Although the show does not premiere until Sunday April 7 at 10 p.m. ET, BET released a premiere video that gives audiences a glimpse of the issues taking place within the family. While Kierra seems to be attempting to find her voice in gospel music, her younger brother seems to be struggling with his own identity outside of the church.

“Everybody forgets about the fact that I want to be me,” J Drew II said in the BET preview. “I want to get out and have fun.”

While the 22-year-old was shown partying with different women, his parents questioned whether he is living a life suitable for a Christian.

“Do you think you’re doing anything God wouldn’t be pleased with?” Karen asked her children in the preview while she is joined by her husband J Drew Sr.

The patriarch and Bishop also let his children know where their parents’ concern was coming from.

“Nobody has your best interest at heart more than us,” he told them.

However, things took another turn when J Drew II seemed to be more interested in the world than the church.

“I’m sick of the church,” the Sheard son tells his mother. “The world is so much bigger than that!”

Karen got in her sons face and didn’t accept his position on the matter.

“Now, you gone take that back,” she told her son while inching closer to his face. “You ain’t gonna say that in front of me. That, I won’t allow! Take it back!”

While the show will premiere at 10 p.m. on April 7, it will be aired weekly at 8p.m. ET on Sundays for the remainder of the season.

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