Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Petraeus Apologizes for Affair, Conduct

Former CIA Director David Petraeus apologized for his “personal journey the past five months” in a speech honoring veterans and the ROTC program at USC on Tuesday night. Petraeus apologized for the pain he has caused his family, friends and supporters following his high profile affair.

2. Secret Service Gets First Female Chief

President Obama is appointing veteran Secret Service agent Julia Pierson as the agency’s first ever female director. Pierson has held several positions in her 30 years at the agency.

3. Armstrong May Face Charges in Spain

ABC News has learned that Lance Armstrong is being investigated for possible criminal charges in Spain related to his doping activities. Spanish law does not make it a crime for athletes to use performance enhancing drugs unless investigators can prove “trafficking, distribution and commercialization of doping drugs.”

4. Man Accused of Smuggling Cellphone to Charles Manson

A man was arrested Sunday on charges of allegedly trying to smuggle a cellphone to Charles Manson at Corcoran State Prison. It is unknown whether he is a Manson follower but the cellphone was confiscated during visitor processing.

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