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After former Olympian, Marion Jones, was caught lying about taking a performance-enhancing drug in 2007, the disgraced athlete was forced to serve six months in prison.

Now, as part of Oprah’s “Where are they Now?” series, she sat down with OWN to discuss her life today. “I’ve moved on,” she said.

Jones, who gave Oprah the exclusive first interview after being released from her six-month prison sentence back in 2008, shared, at length, her side of the story.

Even after the “tell all” discussion, however, some were not convinced of her honesty.

To that, Jones said, “It’s time to move on. You’re never going to convince everybody that you’re telling the truth. And if you attempt to do that, it’s gonna be a long, long life for you.”

For her, all that matters is the fact that those most important in her life, are fully aware of everything and believe her story.

“I know in my heart that I told what’s true. God knows and my family knows, and I’ve moved on,” she told OWN.

These days, she has used one of the most difficult and painful lessons of her life, to help guide others, so they won’t make the mistakes she did.

“I wish I would have taken a break. I wish I would have taken a step back and so that’s the message that I share now,” said Jones who has created and launched the “Take a Break” program. It is designed to empower people to live a better life and avoid mistakes that cause too big a price.

“I came to the conclusion that if I had just taken a break, if I had just slowed down, taken a step back and assessed the situation, I could have made a better choice.”

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