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There’s no question that life often brings with it certain struggles. Everyone has different hardships to handle — whether personal or professional — but regardless of what may be blocking your path, Pastor Joel Osteen says that there’s one surefire way to weather the storms and come out on top.

In this clip from a special episode of “Super Soul Sunday Presents Lifeclass with Joel Osteen,” Osteen discusses the power of peace and how it can transform your mindset when something difficult comes along. “[Tell yourself,] ‘Nothing’s happening to me; it’s happening for me,'” Osteen says. “‘God’s in control. Even though I’m in a difficult time, I’m going to be in peace today. I’m going to be good to somebody because I know this: When you’re in peace, you’re in a position of power.'”

Being in peace, the pastor explains, is not a meek surrender to the circumstances. Rather, he says, it’s an empowering acknowledgement that allows you to witness God’s work. “When you’re in peace, God will get you to where you’re supposed to be,” Osteen says. “He’ll move the wrong people out of the way, He’ll open up the right doors. He’s in control of our lives.”
Someone who needs help being in peace is audience member Saul, who stands up and shares of one his major life struggles: losing his father to suicide when Saul was 11 years old. As a result, Saul says, he lost his ability to trust people. He asks Osteen, “How can I heal this inability to trust in order to fulfill my full potential?”
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