*Richard Smallwood, one of Gospel’s living legends latest project is “Promises.”

The album is the first one since 2005 for the artist, since his mother’s passing.

“I had not written a song since my mom died,” he says, “I thought the gift had dried up.  I would try to write and nothing would come.”

So his album is filled with little messages of hope and encouragement for those who have also suffered losses or are just going through a hard time.

Smallwood says “Trust Me” “is a song to encourage those who have experienced loss.  It’s telling them that what they are feeling shall pass, if they only trust God.”

“I was going through some of the songs I had written in the ‘70s and many had the same theme as this song,” Smallwood recalls. “Back then it was the Vietnam War, so we’re going through the very same thing because there’s always been fighting, there’s always been war. But now racism has reared its ugly head in a way that I haven’t seen since I was a little boy. I wanted to write something that everyone could identify with globally, which is that we need peace.”

“Promises” is in stores now.

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