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Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed and concerned residents went door-to-door around E. 93rd Street Tuesday to warn neighbors about a number of recent murders and an abduction attempt.

“We’re tired of the assault of our women being raped and murdered in this community,” said Zack Reed, who represents Ward 2. “It’s not a coincidence that 93rd is in all three of these situations.”

“The bottom line I want to prevent more attacks.,” said one woman who traveled from Kent to join in the effort.

“Walk with a group, try to walk to the bus stop in the early morning if you have to with someone else,” said LaShanda. “Let people know where you’re going.”

The group wants neighbors to know just how close these attacks are happening and just who might be responsible.

“We need your help. You may know what this person looks like or you may have some information this person has to be taken off the streets,” said Reed.

Cleveland Police say there’s no evidence to link the deaths of Trotter, 35-year-old Christine Malone or the victim of Saturday’s attempted attack.

Sgt. Sammy Morris says police are questioning a person of interest in the death of 20-year-old Jazmine Trotter.

“It’s scary. I’m afraid to go out this door once it gets dark. I don’t want to open my door up. I’m afraid,” said Rena Allen, who survived an attack herself decades ago.

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