Joy is a obtainable. You can have joy.  There is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is based on circumstances but joy is based on the Lord.

Have your morning cup of coffee in sight of the sunrise, or make it a point to see the sunset. Nature brims with the miracle of life — get outside and soak it in. Walk through a park listening for birds, watch clouds in a robin’s-egg-blue sky, go barefoot in lush grass, skip stones. Stop to smell those roses, and while you’re at it, buy some fresh flowers for the house

Don’t allow anger and rage to rule your life. Misdirected anger isn’t healthy. Consciously replace churning emotions with serene thoughts. Think of a particularly tranquil time at the ocean, or imagine yourself in a favorite soothing place. Find healthy ways to let off steam: exercise, make music, garden, paint, write out your thoughts in a journal. If you continue to feel overwhelmed or undermined, you can turn to prayer or professional assistance for help in handling upsetting feelings.


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