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The IRS reports that about 77% of tax returns last year were filed electronically and that this year the majority of people have already filed.

As a result, the following two post offices will be the only ones open late on Monday, April 15.

Cleveland Main Post Office – 2400 Orange Ave —

Open until 10 p.m. At about 3 p.m., the traffic flow in the customer parking will be reversed to accommodate the anticipated increased customer volume.

Curbside collectors will be working until 10 p.m. to accept prepared returns with postage already affixed.

Akron Main Post Office – 675 Wolf Ledges Parkway –

Open until 7 p.m. Customers who mail their returns on April 15 should check with their local Post Office or read the posted times on the collection box to make sure that their tax return will be collected and postmarked before the deadline.

Also, any letters or packages weighing 13 ounces or more must be brought to a Post Office and handed to a postal clerk at the window.

The Internal Revenue Service will accept returns sent via Express Mail or with Delivery Confirmation for those customers who would like verification that their return was delivered.

The IRS accepts the postmark on the envelope as proof of timely filing. As a result, there is not significant enough need for most area Post Offices to remain open beyond normal business hours.

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