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In an article on STL Today, popular Gospel music artist Marvin Sapp dishes on a number of issues, one of which is his gospel reality show about raising his three kids after the death of his wife.

The show was shot las year and he has been pitching it to networks. In the comment below, he explains why he thinks it hasn’t been picked up yet.

“It’s not the type of show that has a whole lot of tension, he says. There’s not a lot of foolishness and debauchery.”

He was advised to add a love interest to the show to make it more interesting.

“I don’t believe the church is ready for that”, says Sapp, a pastor at Lighthouse FLC church in Grand Rapids, Mich. “A man of God dating publicly – some things should remain private.”

Well, yes, it seems that all these reality shows have some sort of drama attached to them. But, I wonder if people are starting to tire of all the extra screaming and crazy behavior. Who knows?

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