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She’s had her experience with reality TV, having been one of the forces behind BET’s groundbreaking series “College Hill,” but Tracey Edmonds is going in a new direction with her own network, AlrightTV.

The media maven spoke to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown recently about what the new network will offer.

Tracey describes her channel as “inspirational, faith-friendly” entertainment. “We’re going to offer very diverse, first-rate, faith-friendly entertainment that’s going to have a positive moral influence upon the daily lives of our viewers,” she said.

Check out an excerpt below and get more from Tracey about her business and her personal life in the May 2013 issue.

Jamie: With the reality shows, Tracey, I have some of my reality girlfriends that have gone over the top, with the bullying and being crazy. Now they’re trying to calm that down. And it’s hard because the producers are pushing them to do these crazy things on TV.

Tracey: It is because the sad thing is that when you sign on to do a reality show, you’ve got to make some noise in order to keep your role on there.

Jamie: How are you going to compete with that?

Tracey: I’m in a whole different lane. My programming is uplifting and funny and entertaining. I don’t even have to worry about reality shows. If that’s what you’re looking for, you know where to find that. If you want to laugh, feel good, be uplifted and feel positive about life, then you tune in to AlrightTV.

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