Crossroads time for Tim Tebow.

The man poised to become the highest-profiled free agent in the NFL — waived by the New York Jets on Monday — has to determine whether to abandon his vision of having a long career as an NFL quarterback and take a new approach.

Like as an H-back. Or in the Canadian Football League.

Count me among the doubters that a team will claim Tebow and the attached circus that comes with him. But stranger things have happened. And all it takes is one team.

I think there’s a market for Tim Tebow,” an NFL general manager told USA TODAY Sports on Monday. “The teams that have established quarterbacks aren’t going to mess around with him. But I could see somebody with a specific plan bringing him in.”


The GM, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for competitive reasons, added he had no interest in signing Tebow — a sentiment echoed by two other NFL general managers contacted by USA TODAY Sports.

“He took a team to the playoffs and won a playoff game,” the GM added, referring to the Denver Broncos’ first-round overtime shocker against the Pittsburgh Steelers in January 2012. “I think there’s some value in that.”

So often in the NFL, established relationships can lead to opportunity.

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