Montell Jordan, the R&B song writer and singer behind the 1990s smash “This Is How We Do It,” left the music industry in 2010 to pursue his calling as a worship leader at Victory World Church in Georgia.

Jordan now focuses on preaching, teaching, and ministering to others through song. He also believes in “taking back the music,” a point he expresses in his worship song titled “Shake Heaven.”

“What I mean by taking back the music in that song is that there is a belief in Christianity that there is God’s music and there is the devil’s music,” said Montell Jordan to The Christian Post. “We look at rap music and other forms of secular music like they belong to the devil. My thought process is that you don’t have to be unsaved to be the person that makes rap music. I think that you need saved people who love the Lord to make [all kinds] of music.”

Jordan feels that the art form itself cannot be inherently evil, but the condition of the person’s heart who is writing the lyrics is what determines if it glorifies God or not. Rappers and singers who know the Lord still should push the creative envelope by telling stories, using quality beats, and crafting something that will attract listeners from all walks of life, according to him.

“The idea is once the attention has been brought to the music, if it’s meant to be worship, it then turns their attention towards God, but not all music was created to be worship music,” he said. “I think God also gave us the gift of music for us to enjoy. If I love R&B music, are you telling me I shouldn’t be able to listen to and enjoy it [because it’s not labeled Christian]? [It’s not the music itself], Christians just need someone with a heart positioning from Christ to be able to take the gift of music and create R&B that isn’t offensive to the Holy Spirit and doesn’t compromise who we are in Christ.”

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