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We were so glad to see Wilcox County High School in Cordele, Georgia, come to their senses and have an integrated prom last week.

Even though it was organized by students that were fed up with the state of affairs, surely the triumph feels the same.

The Class of 1963, may have taken notes from the affair because now a few students have come together to put together the prom they never had.

Earnestine Thomas will be joining in the 50 year celebration of the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama, May 17, by having a prom for her and others from several high schools.

The segregation marches had taken place and the “colored” schools suffered.  A lot of their senior end-of-year activities were cut and prom was one of them.  According to the Root, Thomas had planned to attend prom but the Children’s March to protest segregation happened and now, the retirees, are returning to the scene of the protests that made a present-day prom possible.

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