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Ever wonder what it’s like to take your mother to court? Well Kobe Bryant knows.

The LA Lakers star is locked in a court battle to try and keep his mother from auctioning off memorabilia from his high school days in Pennsylvania and his early NBA career, according to an AP report.

It seems a Southern New Jersey auction house wants to sell Kobe’s stuff in spite of a letter from Kobe’s legal eagles saying he couldn’t

Bryant claims his mother, Pamela Bryant, doesn’t have the right to sell the collectibles including his Lower Merion High School letters, a 2000 NBA championship ring and hundreds of other items.

However, Berlin, N.J.-based Goldin Auctions says Bryant told his mother years ago that he didn’t want the items.

Pamela Bryant, via legal papers, say she intended to use her $450,000 advance to buy a new home.

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