Soul singer Vivian Green faced every parent’s worst nightmare: her newborn son, Jordan, was not expected to live due to the diagnosis of a mysterious and rare illness. The news was enough to drive her to contemplate suicide.

“When he was born, I was told he would die in seven days and that [if] he [lived he] might be mentally challenged. He was late to walk and talk and he wouldn’t eat for a year and a half. At that point I definitely didn’t want to be here.

I didn’t think it could 
get any lower than that,” she reveals.

Dealing with the pain of Jordan’s condition, in addition to the pain of a recent breakup, helped Vivian to find peace in her faith.

“My spiritual growth skyrocketed. Sometimes you have no choice but to believe God knows what he’s doing. I realized that He chose me to be this child’s mother, so He thinks I’m strong enough to handle it.”

Green’s prayers haven’t gone unanswered. Jordan is now eight years old, continues to develop at a healthy rate, and is proving to be a miracle child.

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