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Spelman College’s 2013 co-valedictorians, Kirstie and Kristie Bronner, come from a long line of success as part of America’s prominent family of hair-care entrepreneurs. Their father, Bishop Dale Bronner, is the pastor at one of the largest churches in Atlanta, and both their mother and grandmother preceded them as graduates of the prestigious college for women.

But for the identical twins with an identical grade point average of 4.0, it has been the prayers and not the pressure of family that has propelled them through four years of success.

“Our parents helped build the foundation. We never felt pressure because of the family name,” said Kristie. “We just have this intrinsic motivation to please God. We want to represent God in the best way we can.”
Kirstie recalls her mother’s words as she drove them to elementary school.

“My mother used to tell us, ‘You are the head and not the tail.’ And she would say, ‘You are first and not last.’ She would always tell us, ‘Do your best and trust God to do the rest,’ ” Kirstie said.
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