This week, a father-son duo are going to do something special and extraordinary:  They are going to graduate from Morehouse College together.   Dorian Joyner Sr. will march with his oldest son, Dorian Jr. fulfilling a promise he made to himself a very long time ago.

Joyner Sr. started at Morehouse in 1984, but didn’t finish.   By the time he was able to return, his son was going to be a freshman.   His son was stunned when his dad told him what he was planning to do.

“I said, ‘oh, you’re coming back to visit some of your friends?’” he remembered. “And [Dorian Senior] said ‘no, I’m coming back to be a student.’ I said – can you repeat that?”

The father and son supported one another through their collegiate journey, studying together and achieving their family goals as a unit.

“We used to have a support system. Sometimes he would come to my room to ask about a problem or a class or a professor to take,” he said.

The two Morehouse men are proud of their achievements and say that it has brought them closer together.

“We’re Morehouse brothers,” the two said proudly.

Dorian Senior is planning to go to law school to eventually become a judge.  His son is planning to travel abroad with the Peace Corps.

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