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Though Kirk Franklin appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about his role on the GSN’s “The American Bible Challenge” (and to defend himself against short jokes) he provided a little encouragement to people struggling to handle the problems in the world. Franklin, who is the musical co-host for “The American Bible Challenge” with host Jeff Foxworthy, says he’s been gratified by his participation on the show.

“It’s a really inspirational show. They contacted me last December to ask wanting to know if  I would consider being a part of it. I didn’t think I could add nothing to it, because they have Jeff Foxworthy hosting it and I didn’t really know if there was anything I could bring to the show. That’s like their number one rated show.  They have a lot of viewers. So I thought about it and said maybe if we try this and try that….I really enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed working with Jeff Foxworthy .

It’s a fun show, it’s really inspirational, you would never think that a game should could find that perfect ingredient to inspire people with the Bible and entertainment at the same time. They do a really good job of it and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

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