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The Gospel Music Channel (GMC TV) official makes a name switch to UP, “Uplifting Entertainment.”

The name change is to reflect on the company’s real focus in television programming: to provide “Uplifting Entertainment,” a press release said.

Also launching with one of the most popular Christian television stations is as the company becomes UP Entertainment LLC.

“The response to our new name has been phenomenally positive,” said Charley Humbard, president and CEO of UP in a press release. “The beauty of UP is that it needs no explanation. Every hour of programming on UP is uplifting, inspiring and entertaining for the whole family. It captures the essence of our brand – uplifting entertainment – and will lend itself to many interesting and fun creative executions.”

The channel’s rebranding will start with the logo on screen mixed with the “Summer Up” campaign.

The network aims to air quality programming designed to make a positive impact on its viewers. This debut weekend featured all new UP Originals including on Saturday, June 1 at 7, 9 and 11 p.m. EDT the new UP Original Stage Play, “Love Will Find a Way” starring Christian Keyes, Gabrielle Dennis, Jason Weaver, Vanessa Simmons, Carl Payne, Shanti Lowry and Suveria Mota .

On Sunday, June 2 at 7, 9 and 11 p.m. EDT, the network presented the UP Original Movie “Jimmy” starring Ian Colletti, Patrick Fabian, Kelly Carlson, Chuck Carrington, with Bob Gunton and Ted Levine.

The network started in 2004 as the Gospel Music Channel, later becoming GMC TV: “Uplifting Entertainment,” and now, just the promise of Uplifting Entertainment.

The channel plans on showing at least 60 world premieres for the 2013/14 season according to a release.

You can find UP on the following services: DIRECTV on channel 338, DISH Network on channel 188, and Verizon FiOS on channel 224.

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