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Think college is all about a lot of hard math and science that you will never use in life? Well think again, we found some majors that may seem really strange but can actually lead to a pretty lucrative career, such as a theme park engineer. Others are just plain ridiculous, like a degree in cannibus cultivation. Students who enroll in these programs get lots of hands-on training with classes  outdoors, under the sea and some even have a bowling alley as their classroom.

Vincennes University

Location:Vincennes, Ind.

Tuition cost per semester: In-state –$4,882;Out-of-state- $11,542

The program  is the one and only bowling program in the country. The students learn  about the business of bowling and can pick one of three tracks: bowling center management, sales and marketing, or pinsetter mechanics. The program offers on hand training with an 18-lane alley on campus.

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