They know their history; it’s gospel to them.

They drop names like Thomas Dorsey, the father of black gospel, or Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the first to combine church hymns with rock ‘n’ roll — long before Elvis Presley swiveled on scene.They can sing “Amazing Grace” with the best of ’em, but that sort of stuff — the “Free Bird” of gospel, as it were — is best left to the churches.

Instead, their modus operandi is busting out with contemporary gospel tunes before an unsuspecting audience — music and lyrics that are as amazing as they are graceful.
They’re called Friends of Gospel.

Formed three years ago, the result of different members from community churches coming together, they’ve become the talk of the town. They’re the must-see group, 15 singers strong on a good day, if they’re not too tired from their day jobs.
They’ve appeared at all sorts of events in Las Vegas, both big and small — from Mandalay Bay’s highly publicized Gospel Brunch to Feburary’s outdoor concert venue at Springs Preserve to honor Black History Month.
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