Tamela Mann

“There are so many artists over the years who have influenced and inspired me. Their work excites and motivates me to take my music to another level. I look at all of these musicians and think how God has blessed them, and blessed me through them, with the gift of music that brings hope and encouragement to everyone.”

Percy Bady

“As I reflect on this month I can truly say that the music I’m blessed to write is birthed out of experience and steeped in the traditional of those who have blazed the trail before me. Styles all change and fads fade, but a great song lasts forever.” 

Jonathan Butler

“I want to salute all the pioneers from gospel to R&B to jazz for leaving a legacy to live up to and setting the stage for the next generation.”

Dottie Peoples

“Over the past 30 years in gospel music I have been influenced by many great African American singers and musicians. Their groundbreaking artistry has inspired me throughout my career to create thought-provoking, life-affirming music that resonates deeply with audiences throughout the world.”

Bryan Popin

“To me, more than any other style of music, it is birthed from life’s hurt, life’s pain and everything in between. It is felt, not just played, and not just listened to. It is what first inspired me to do music and what always drives me to make sure my heart is behind every note I play or sing.”

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