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The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association recently launched “Lose to Gain,” its second half-hour video program installment of the My Hope America with Billy Graham campaign series. With less than five months remaining in the campaign, nearly 14,000 churches have registered in the project that culminates in an evangelistic video featuring portions of Billy Graham’s preaching, intertwined with true stories of people who decided to follow Christ.

The latest installment available for online viewing at features pro-skateboarder Brian Sumner, comedian Michael Jr., and young professional Shannon Culpepper telling their story.

“Each wanted something different – success; laughs; love. Each was living a life that met their dreams, but then it all fell apart,” stated BGEA .

“We go on in our pleasures thinking they’re going to last forever,” says Billy Graham in a classic message included in the program. “The whole country is on a quest for something. We want something. We don’t know quite what it is. It’s elusive. All of a sudden you’re faced with it, just for an instant. It’s just a moment in which it seems that it’s not all put together. Then you forget about it and you go on, but it’s there and it will grow through the years.”

The first program released earlier this year, “Defining Moments,” followed the redemption stories of three individuals – illusionist Jim Munroe, NFL player David Tyree and musical artist Lacey Sturm – as told by them. Each found success in their careers, yet were still searching for hope while facing struggles.

In the latest video, professional skateboarder Brian Sumner was living the American dream. Raised in Liverpool, England, he came to the U.S., and at 19-years-old, he joined the Tony Hawk Skate-park Tour. Making money, having endorsements and kids across the country imitating him – wanting to be him – was just the beginning. “I gained everything, but I had no clue about anything,” says Sumner. “I started thinking, ‘Does any of this matter?'”

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