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Steve Harvey, the Daytime Emmy nominated host, comedian, top syndicated radio personality  and best-selling author, was back in Dallas at his ranch for his 5th annual Father’s Day Weekend, hosting 120 teenage boys, who are without fathers for his annual Steve Harvey Mentoring Program Camp for Young Men. During this time Mr. Harvey granted The Dallas Weekly’s Managing Editor Jihad Hassan Muhammad an exclusive One on One interview

 HM: As a child growing up in Cleveland did you ever imagine you would be in this type of position to make a difference in the lives of young men?


SH: No! Absolutely not! This wasn’t my mission. My dream was to be one of the premier stand ups (comedians) in the country. That’s all I ever asked God for. Now his plan for me was much greater. My plan was to tell jokes until I was 68, then I was going to retire. I didn’t see myself with a boy’s camp or none of this. So that just goes to show you God’s plan is always better than yours.
JHM: You seem to be the hardest working man in the business right now; television, radio, movies. With everything you have going on right now do you feel like it’s necessary that you do work in the community to take you to the next level?
SH: Well this is one of the most important works I do. I think God put me in the position to do all of those other things to do this. I have taken the fame he bestowed upon me and I use it in a way that would be beneficial to some young men who otherwise may not get opportunities to sit with some positive men who can show them what manhood is really about.
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