Just as seasons change in the natural, so do they in the spirit. We are embarking upon an era of new voices in the Kingdom. We know by far we haven’t come close to listing all of them, we just listed the ones that we are noticing. If you know of more tweet with us and email us about them. This is not to take away from any of our ministry trail blazers because we still have need of them! What is the purpose of trailing a blaze if no one is coming behind you?

As I often share with you social media and the internet plays a major role in ministry now. The church along with the world is operating off of cell phones and all types of technology. These things allow us to obtain information instantaneously! Do you remember the day when to hear of an upcoming event you had to purchase a magazine, a newspaper, see a billboard, hear a commercial on the radio or see a commercial on TV? Well, some of that still works!

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