In a culture where the gauzy clad Britney Spears is adulated as having the aspired look and where Katy Perry educates lassies that it’s okay to kiss a girl and like it, what hope is there for our young girls?  Frankly, we live in a parent-less world.  In our world of fractured families, there is a dire dearth of role models for our daughters and sisters.  Who is there to teach young girls about modesty?  About the sacredness of sex?  About what true beauty is?  About relating to God and pursing holiness?  Thank God for 1 Girl Nation (1GN). 

1GN is a five girl group committed to let our youngsters know that it is cool to follow Christ. And that it is not freakish to be different from the world.  They are also part of the Secret Keeper Girl movement where parents and their children are brought together where their relationships are nurtured and strengthened.   Released under the imprint of Reunion Records, their eponymous debut record is a sleek and polished pop-dance endeavor that sounds ultra-cool for those who love to groove along with Rihanna, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus.  Yet, undergirding the beats are Godly messages that speak about holiness, true beauty and the vitality of living for Jesus Christ.

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