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One of the number one fitness questions of all-time: which fitness gadgets actually work?

The fitness world is never short of a new fad or gadget claiming to get you into serious shape. From the infamous Thighmaster to the downright peculiar Shake Weight, the fitness industry is saturated with products promising big results with little effort. Six-Pack abs in sixty seconds? Only in your dreams. Shoes that tone your legs and butt? Better keep on walking. That’s not to say all gadgets are a waste of your time (and money). There are products out there that actually work, whether by helping you target specific muscle groups or offering a mental boost to push you past physical thresholds. If you’re seeking a little extra motivation, or just itching for something new to play with, we’ve rounded up 10 pieces of gear—from high-tech toys to gym staples– that will actually help you get in shape.

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