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The Rev. Bernice King, the youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered a passionate speech at the 50th anniversary of her father’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech on Aug. 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C, and said that more needs to be done to truly “let freedom ring” in America.

“Fifty years ago today, in the symbolic shadow of this great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, my father, the great liberator, stood at this very spot and declared to this nation his dream to let freedom ring for all people who were being manacled by a system of segregation and discrimination,” King began her speech at the March on Washington.

“We must keep the sound and the message of freedom and justice going,” she continued. “If freedom stops ringing, then the sound will disappear and the atmosphere will be charged with something else. Fifty years later, we come once again to this special landing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to reflect, to renew and to rejuvenate for the continued struggle of freedom and justice.”

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