Global showdown: It’s supposed to be all about the world economy, but the G-20 summit in Russia this week could become a showdown over military action against Syria. All eyes will be on President Barack Obama, who wants to launch military strikes against the Syrian regime, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country stands by its longtime ally. Back in Washington, John Kerry told a hearing that it was “undeniably the Assad regime” that killed 1,400 civilians with poison gas. Britain, France and Germany say their intelligence backs that up. But Putin says there’s no proof.


Shouting match: First it was sexting, then more sexting. Now Anthony Weiner is back on social media, this timeconfronting a heckler who called him a “scumbag.” In a viral video yesterday, it looked like Weiner was just going to walk away, until the guy said: “You’re married to an Arab.” Saul Kessler was referring to the politician’s wife, Huma Abedin, who worked for Hillary Clinton. (Her ethnic background is diverse.) Weiner wasn’t going to take the slur, and got into a shouting match with Kessler inside the Brooklyn bakery. Weiner is Jewish, as were most of those inside the bakery.

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